ABUS aluminum locks are suitable for a wide range of applications – ideal for individual security and with a high recognition value thanks to different colors. The myLOCK T65AL padlock secures, for example, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, switchgear, etc. Due to the writable plastic coating, it can be used on lockers and cupboards. The colored lock body is made of light, solid aluminum and is complemented by a NANO PROTECT ™ coated shackle.

Each padlock features an aluminium body surrounded by one of the above vinyl casings, which work to protect the padlock from the elements. Further to this, each padlock contains non-corrosive inner components and is equipped with a double bolted, self-locking, steel alloy shackle, with NANO PROTECT™ coating.

For added security, these padlocks also feature a precision five pin tumbler cylinder and paracentric keyway which resists manipulation. ABUS advise that these padlocks are suitable for securing items of a medium value and/or items that are at an average risk of theft.

Lastly, each of these padlocks can be inscribed for easy identification and is supplied with two keys.

Therefore the ABUS T65AL Vinyl Coated Aluminium mylock Padlocks provide an easy, secure, durable solution to a multitude of medium-level security needs.