TITALIUM ™ padlocks: future-oriented security

The TITALIUM ™ padlocks from security experts ABUS mark a new dimension in security! Made from an innovative material, they stand for high security and at the same time greatly reduced weight.

The material TITALIUM ™ is based on a light aluminum special alloy, which shines with its strong robustness and lightness at the same time. As in aircraft construction, ABUS also relies on two essential properties with the TITALIUM ™ padlocks: maximum stability and low weight. This contemporary product implementation is also reflected in the product design – all padlocks in the TITALIUM ™ series impress with their stainless steel look.

TITALIUM ™ is THE material of the future

The new padlocks of the TITALIUM ™ series mark the new reference in the padlock sector. Compared to the classic brass padlock, the weight has been reduced by around 30 percent while maintaining the same level of security, making the locks of the TITALIUM ™ series an attractive alternative. For example, wherever weight also plays a role in addition to the safety aspect. The TITALIUM ™ series stands for a new generation of safe, innovative padlocks!

TITALIUM ™ – strong, light, innovative.

As with all Titalium padlocks, the lock body of the 64TI is made from special aluminium. This makes the padlock extremely light. The hardened steel shackle with NanoProtect™coating can be removed and its length adjusted to the individual conditions. Up to ten different shackle lengths of between 60 and 150 millimetres are possible. The 5-pin cylinder with paracentric key profile makes unauthorised opening of the lock using picking tools difficult. This padlock is therefore particularly suitable for protecting cupboards, storage rooms, boxes, crates. gates and other items of medium to high value in homes, gardens and industrial buildings against unauthorised access.


  • Solid lock body made of TITALIUM ™ special aluminum
  • Hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT ™ coating for very high corrosion protection
  • 64TI / 50HB60-150: Removable and size adjustable bracket from 60 mm – 150 mm
  • Paracentric key profile for increased protection against manipulation
  • Double bracket locking
  • Chrome-plated cylinder core for additional corrosion protection
  • Tulip-shaped key head

Use and application:

  • Protection of medium values ​​/ objects or with an average risk of theft
  • For securing e.g. chains, doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows or sheds